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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Acting Auditions – India|Casting, Tv Serials, Movie Auditions

Acting Auditions – India|Casting, Tv Serials, Movie Auditions

Acting Audition benefits

We will forward your audition video clip to the casting agencies Mahak films of different TV shows of different channels. If they like your clip then you will get 100% job guarantee. If they doesn’t like your audition then do not get worried. We will give you attractive solutions to groom yourself and become a better actor in future, CONTACTS US FOR ACTING AUDITION  09769612686

Singing Audition Benefits

We will show your clip to famous music directors. Your clip will be shown and played in our website for four months. If you get 1Lakh likes then we will gift you a fresh composition along with the studio facilities on the behalf of our company.
Audition star presenting online acting and singing auditions. Great opportunity 100% job placement. Here are some special rules for online auditions. After posting the audition if the user creates 100k likes on his/her audition clip then we will give him/her some special gifts from our company. A gift that will change his/her whole life. It is our responsibility to give work in any TV serials or to work in films. But this will be possible only after getting 100k likes on the audition clip.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Acting Classes In India – Acting School

RK acting classes is a leading visual and performing arts school, which offers accredited degrees and non-degree programs in many areas of the world, in places around the world. Our innovative acting for film programs has been designed for a new generation of storytellers, Hands-on with an unmatched approach to learning interactive students themselves are completely immersed in their course of study from the first day. Classes are taught in real-world environments with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment by award-winning industry professionals.

Benefits of acting classes

Contrary to many other acting schools, RK Acting Classes has a broad program that heavily incorporates on-camera learning. Our students perform in a series of films as part of their program. They also have the opportunity to actin films made by student film makers. This gives the actor a real-world experience, which prepares him to be on a professional set. Not only will the students graduate with a strong foundation in acting technology and on-camera experience, they will also develop basic film production skills and content for their demo reel.


A new batch going to start choose your plan for admission and click the admission button to fill your form The institute is located in Goregaon West of Mumbai, the special point of this institution is that, after the end of the course, there is an opportunity to work in the TV serial. RK Institute takes full responsibility to get its students working.

Acting Auditions All India

Do you want to give acting auditions, or are you looking for a good acting platform ? Mahak Films Production is going to organiz...